Article paru sur la prédiction de l’éclairement relatif en peuplements mélangés

Un article sur la prédiction de l’éclairement relatif en peuplements purs et mélangés vient de paraître dans Forest Ecology and Management. Ce travail a été réalisé sur les placettes expérimentales du dispositif OPTMix. Ci-dessous les points clés de l’article.

Perot, T., A. Mårell, N. Korboulewsky, V. Seigner and P. Balandier (2017). « Modeling and predicting solar radiation transmittance in mixed forests at a within-stand scale from tree species basal area. » Forest Ecology and Management 390: 127-136. doi: 10.1016/j.foreco.2017.01.023


  • Radiation under forest canopy was modelled in mono-specific and mixed stands.
  • The Beer-Lambert law can be used in mixed stands with the basal area of each species.
  • Extinction coefficients were not different between mixed and mono-specific stands.
  • Transmittance can be predicted at local scale within a stand with local basal area.
  • Predictions of the model are unbiased with a relative mean absolute error of 20%.


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